Yard Service FAQs

Looking for a company that will clean up the dog poop from your yard (and dispose of it too)? Doggie Detail Pet Services provides professional pooper scooper service to the Greater Vancouver area and Fraser Valley. Our strong business model allows us to offer low rates for dog waste pick up, while maintaining high standards to ensure our customers receive outstanding service!

Here is some important information for our clients regarding our Yard Service:

1. On your service day, your Doggie Detail crew member will require easy access to your backyard. If you have a padlock on your gate, please leave it unlocked.

2. Doggie Detail staff members are instructed to always close the gate whenever they enter or exit a yard. If you notice that your gate has been left open after our service, please inform us right away. We take the security of your pets very seriously!

3. If possible, keep your grass trimmed and leaves cleared. This helps us to do our best work in an efficient and timely manner.

4. We’ll be there to pick up your dog poo, rain or shine! When it snows, we’ll be there as long as the roads are safe for our drivers.

5. Please keep aggressive dogs indoors on your designated service day. Our pooper scooper team members will not enter any yards where their safety is threatened and you will still be charged for service that week.

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