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We all love our dogs and want to keep them happy and healthy, but a surprising number of dog owners are unaware that understanding the basics of dog dental hygiene can help prevent infections and diseases related to a dog's heart, liver, and kidneys1. In other words, a good look into your dog's mouth can [...]

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Oh Those Fleas: Fleas on Dogs

Does your dog have fleas? Fleas on dogs can drive furry family members to total distraction and drive owners nuts with the constant scratching and biting.  Fleas tend to be a problem for any dog that goes outside; there doesn't seem much you can do to avoid these pesky insects. Thankfully a number of solutions are available [...]

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The shocking number of dog food recalls that have occurred in recent months shows how little the pet food industry is regulated in North America. Where can pet owners find reliable information about feeding their dogs? In Canada, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency does not regulate pet food that is produced and sold within the [...]

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