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How to Safely Stop a Dog Fight

A dog fight that was observed at a local dog park: An owner got alarmed when another dog grabbed her dog by the tail (while the two dogs appeared to be happily playing with one another).  The dog was not concerned, but the owner lashed out and kicked the offending dog to break up what [...]

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Are bringing a new dog into your life? Experiencing behaviour issues with your current dog? Finding information on how to train your dog is not as simple as you may think. Like children, pets come into the world with complex personalities and sometimes need expert help when it comes to managing their behaviour. Finding a [...]

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At Doggie Detail, we love learning fun and interesting facts about dogs! Here is a list of our Top 5 Favourite Fun and Interesting Facts About Dogs: 1. Walking your dog can sometimes be a chore (we know because we provide our dog waste removal service to some successful dog walking businesses in the GVRD [...]

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