What You Need to Know About a Raw Food Diet for Dogs

Feeding your dog should be simple, right? You go to the store, buy a big bag of dog food, and your dog will receive good nutrition as a result. Why is it, then, that so many dog owners are skipping the bags of hard dog food and choosing a raw food diet for their dogs.

What is a Raw Food Diet for Dogs?

A raw food diet involves feeding dogs what they used to find and eat in nature. A typical raw food diet for dogs includes raw meat, uncooked bones, raw eggs and occasional vegetables (many times people juice vegetables and add them to raw meat so they can be digested more easily by dogs who, as carnivores, would traditionally consume any vegetables in the stomach contents of their prey).

raw food diet for dogs

Reasons for Choosing a Raw Food Diet for Dogs

A 2012 article from the Globe and Mail discusses the controversy among pet owners and among veterinarians over a raw food diet for dogs. Some veterinarians feel that hard dog food is best because it provides benefits that have been scientifically proven. Others disagree strongly stating that this scientific research was funded by pet food manufacturers. These people feel that raw food is a much better choice because it mimics the type of diet that dogs would eat in the wild and doesn’t contain grains, additives, or fillers.

Starting Your Dog on a Raw Food Diet

Before switching your dog to a new diet, be sure to do a bit of research. There are a number of helpful resources available online to help you determine the amount of food your dog will need, the type of food to feed your dog, and whether your dog will need a gentle transition to the new diet. We recommend the following articles:

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Remember to use food safety when handling raw meat: refrigerate the meat until your dog is ready to eat, use refrigerated meat within 2-3 days, and properly sanitize any surfaces that have come into contact with the raw meat. Like people, dogs are susceptible to food poisoning from rancid meat.

We want to know, what type of diet do you feed your dogs?

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