Eco-Friendly and Chemical-Free

When deciding what to do with dog poop, pet owners need to examine whether a pet waste management company is truly eco-friendly.

what to do with dog poop

What to Do With Dog Poop -Natural Solutions

Along with the use of biodegradable bucket liners (instead of plastic), Doggie Detail protects the environment and the health of our customers by using natural, chemical-free products in our operations.

To help prevent odour, insects, and pathogens, we regularly spray our buckets and lids with a natural spray solution. This uniquely formulated solution uses the power of organic, sustainably-harvested essential oils to effectively neutralize odour and kill germs.

Additionally, one challenge pet owners face when choosing what to do with dog poop is the fact that it may not breakdown easily, making composting and flushing it down the toilet a challenge. To combat this problem, Doggie Detail occasionally uses a natural enzyme to help breakdown our pet waste before transfer to the sewage treatment plant.

Our commitment to environmental friendliness goes far beyond keeping dog poop out of landfills. At Doggie Detail, we value our customers’ commitment to responsible pet ownership. Because of this, we ensure that we provide our customers with an entirely natural, eco-friendly service that they can trust is chemical-free.

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