We Care About Community

From promoting locally-owned pet services to encouraging the protection of our local environment, Doggie Detail cares about community.

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The Importance of Being Connected to the Community

Community matters. We believe that strong community connections help us to better understand the needs of our customers. Our connections enable us to be a resource, directing customers to local pet services and boosting the local economy. Our community connections also hold us accountable, making sure we are fulfilling our mission of providing excellent, eco-friendly service.

We also feel strongly that local businesses should give back to the community. We support the branches of the BCSPCA in the communities we service and are always interested in hearing more about other charitable causes, particularly those involving the welfare of pets or the protection of the environment.

Beyond our connections to local pet services, we also enjoy the online community that we’ve built with our customers on our Facebook page. If you haven’t had a chance to like our page, do so now! You’ll be treated to hilarious pet pictures and fun trivia.

Local Pet Services

We encourage you to click the logos below to learn more about the following local pet services:

ohana farm
pet sitter

dog groomer
pack runners