Biodegradable Bags

We know that Doggie Detail customers care about the environment, that’s why they choose us to dispose of their dog poo! But, being an eco-friendly pet waste management service goes beyond simply disposing of dog poo properly.

Why We Use Biodegradable Bags to Collect Dog Poo

For hygienic purposes, we place a black liner in our all buckets (dog poo contains pathogens). While these may look like plastic bags at first glance, our bucket liners are biodegradable. Doggie Detail customers can rest assured that they are not contributing to the number of plastic bags in the landfill when they use our service. We care about reducing the ecological footprint of our customers in every way possible!

dog poo

Better still, our biodegradable bags are stronger than plastic liners –this is important when dealing with dog poo to protect the health of our customers and our staff members. The high quality of our biodegradable bags prevents accidental leaks and tears.

At Doggie Detail, we are committed to protecting our planet in every way possible. The use of biodegradable bags is simply one of the many ways that we set ourselves apart from other pet waste management companies. Our customers can rest assured that we take measures to protect the environment in every aspect of our operations.

Still sneaking your dog poo in the garbage? Take a step to reducing your ecological footprint by signing up for our Curbside Collection Service. We make it easy to be a responsible pet owner.

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