Pack Runners Dog Walking and Training

Pack Runners, located in Abbotsford, BC, provides group offleash adventure hikes for dogs by a qualified and experienced dog walker and trainer.

pack runners

Location: Abbotsford, B.C.

Hours of Operation: Monday РFriday, 9 a.m. Р6 p.m.

Phone Number: 778-881-1539

Email: erin.packrunners(at)gmail(dot)com


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About Pack Runners:

Gone are the days where dogs are regarded as a simple family pet who belongs in the backyard. We now know that dogs require exercise and socialization. They need to use their brains to be the happy, healthy, well-adjusted, furry family members that we want them to be.

According to Pack Runners, many people do not know how many behaviour problems in dogs are tied to a lack of exercise. When dogs are bored and under-exercised, they find things to entertain and occupy themselves. Unfortunately these things are often not what we view as acceptable behaviours (e.g. barking, chewing, digging, etc.).

The old adage, “a tired dog is a good dog” is absolutely true. If your dog has had a good romp that day they will be more content to rest quietly while waiting for you to get home from work.

Unfortunately, this knowledge of a dog’s need for exercise is tied to a time when we are busier than ever. Pack Runners can help!

Allowing your dog to interact with a group of friendly, well-mannered, and socialized dogs is one of the best things you can do for them. Pack Runners offers this opportunity for socialization and strives to be more than your average dog walking service.

At Pack Runners, all dogs are pre-screened and assessed for temperament and behaviour. Click here to learn more about Pack Runners.

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