Dog Food Recalls: What to Know When Feeding Your Dog

The shocking number of dog food recalls that have occurred in recent months shows how little the pet food industry is regulated in North America. Where can pet owners find reliable information about feeding their dogs?

dog food recalls

In Canada, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency does not regulate pet food that is produced and sold within the country. Safety and health testing are left up to pet food manufacturers and do not have government standards with which to comply. The pet food industry itself appears to be striving for product control under the umbrella of the Pet Food Association of Canada.

Dog Food Recalls -More Information

In our search for up-to-date information on dog food recalls, the best site we could find for listing current dog food recalls is the American site, Dog Food Advisor. Many of the products listed are sold in both Canada and the USA.

Pet owners can become confused when trying to navigate information about feeding their dog. An Internet search will lead to links to brand-managed websites, touting the benefits of their own products. Finding unbiased information is very difficult. Even the brands carried by vets have been marketed to the veterinary clinic and may not reflect your veterinarian’s true opinion of the food. Always ask your vet directly about food recommendations specific to your pet’s age and needs.

Some pet owners eliminate the concern of dog food recalls by preparing raw foods and raw meats for their dogs.  If the thought of chopping up whole chickens and so forth is a bit off-putting, you can also find prepared and packaged raw foods.

Researching dog food is crucial.  Shop around, research common pet food ingredients, and talk to your vet for ideas about pet nutrition. You can also find more information on our blog post about healthy dog food.

What other resources do you recommend when it comes to information about dog food?

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