Coquitlam Dog Waste Disposal Controversy: Why You Should Not Sneak Pet Waste Into The Garbage

Coquitlam dog waste disposal has been a hot topic over the past week, with dog owners asking why they should stop adding dog waste to their household garbage. Initial news reports stated that Coquitlam was becoming firm on their stance that sneaking dog waste in with your garbage is prohibited; however, in a CBC news article, a spokesperson for Metro Vancouver said that small amounts that are double bagged are acceptable. We (obviously) disagree and support all the BC municipalities that are cracking down on people who continue to put dog waste in the garbage!

Why Should People Care?

In our opinion, responsible pet owners know that proper pet waste disposal is simply one of the costs associated with having a pet. At Doggie Detail, we are committed to environmental responsibility (that’s why we do what we do with doo-doo!), which also includes educating pet owners that throwing pet waste (even small amounts) in the garbage is not without consequence.

coquitlam dog waste disposal

According to the David Suzuki Foundation, Poop in landfills leads to water contamination and methane gas production. If you are diligently double bagging the poop, you’re also adding plastic to the landfill, pretty much ensuring that centuries from now your bag of dog poop will still be fully intact. Not good.

Should you just leave dog waste on the ground for the rain to wash away?

Absolutely not. Besides the fact that you’ll be driving your neighbours crazy, dog waste left out to decompose is a danger and can contaminate our water supply (take note that this applies to parks and green spaces too –always pick up after your dog!).

If environmental consequences are not enough to convince you to do the right thing, failing to model eco-friendly practices sends mixed messages to our children. One of our favourite parenting magazines, My Real Review, recently featured an interview with a mental health expert, who stated that by adopting eco-friendly practices ourselves, we are helping protect the mental health of our kids and grandkids! Click here to watch!

Ready to Change?

If you’re currently tossing your dog waste in the trash and want to make the change to disposing of your pet waste properly, we’d love to support you and give you the peace of mind that you are doing the right thing! Click here to sign up for our popular Curbside Collection service. (FYI, the dog waste we collect is transported in mass quantities to the Iona sewage treatment plant, and it never ends up in the landfill. We also use biodegradable liners in our buckets and work to go green as much as possible in every aspect of our business!)

Finally, once again, we want to thank all of our fantastic customers for being responsible pet owners and getting rid of their dog waste the right way! We firmly believe that small actions like this, make a big difference in the long run.

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  • Doreen

    July 7, 2014, 1:55 am

    Good article!
    Thanks for clarifying your processes, and for stepping up to the problem with your buckets!
    Do you know if there is a similar service for cat litter?


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