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Dog Adoption: What You Need to Know

Dogs need families. Dog adoption connects dogs who have been rescued from poor conditions to loving families who can give them the security of a forever home. If you are unsure whether you can handle the needs of a dog who may have been abused or neglected in the past, visit your local BCSPCA branch [...]

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As shocking as it may be to dog people like us, some people aren't big fans of dogs.  These non-dog people are not afraid of dogs, they simply don't get excited about our furry family members and tend to prefer human-only settings.  Here at Doggie Detail would love to hear from our readers if you [...]

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Emergency Planning For Pets

Between earthquakes hitting the North coast of British Columbia and the pounding that the East coast recently took under the wrath of Hurricane Sandy, we should all be asking ourselves how prepared we are for a natural disaster in our community. Emergency planning is essential when it comes to keeping your pets safe in a [...]

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