Dog Waste Removal: FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Dog Waste Removal:

dog waste removal

How do I pay?

Each month, Doggie Detail will email you an invoice for your dog waste removal service. You can pay by credit card (follow the directions on your invoice), through online banking, or you can send a cheque made out to Doggie Detail Pet Services to the address below:

Doggie Detail Pet Services
Box 2575
Abbotsford, BC
V2T 6R3

Where should I put my bucket?

On your dog waste removal service day, make sure that you have your bucket at the front or side of your house in a place that is clearly visible from the road. Doggie Detail crew members do not go into backyards for Curbside Collection Service customers. Also, please put your bucket in the same place each week.

Will Doggie Detail come at the same time each week?

We recommend that all Curbside Pet Waste Collection Service customers have their buckets out by 6:00 am on their designated service day. Many of our clients find it works best to put their buckets out the night before. Our routes are subject to change and we may be at your home at varying times on your service day.

*Note: Doggie Detail will do our best to keep your dog waste removal service on the same day. If we have to change your service day, you will receive advance notice.

What if I forget to put my bucket out?

With our monthly rate, you can put your bucket out as frequently (or infrequently) as you like. We’ll be by to check each week! Due to our carefully scheduled routes, if you forget to put your bucket out, we are unable to return later in the day (or the next day) to collect your dog waste.

Can I put small plastic or biodegradable baggies of dog poop in my bucket?

No. We ask that our customers shake out the dog waste from the bag into the bucket. Baggies, even biodegradable baggies, clog our disposal system.

Do I need to tie off the black bag lining the bucket?

No. Our drivers empty the bags into large storage tanks where the dog waste is held until it’s taken to the sewage processing plant. Tying off the bags in not necessary.

What happens if we go on vacation and do not need dog waste removal service?

We require a minimum of 24 hours notice if service is not needed to make the necessary scheduling change and you will receive a discount for the weeks missed on your invoice. Regular charges apply if less than 24 hours notice is given.

What happens when it snows?

On snow days, you will receive dog waste removal service unless the driving conditions are unsafe. Please note that charges still apply if your service is cancelled due to snow as the poop still accumulates and more than one week’s worth will require disposal once the snow melts.

Is it true that Doggie Detail has an amazingly fun Facebook page?

Yes, it’s true! We love connecting with our customers and have built a strong Facebook community to do just that. Like our Facebook page and enjoy our hilarious pictures, fun trivia, and inspiring stories. See you there!